“You Have Saved a Life”

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Day in and day out, women reach out to Treasures to share their deep cry for help and their depth of need of support. One rewarding facet to answering a phone call at Treasures is hearing a sigh of relief from a caller when she realizes that help and support is available for her.

We want you to see firsthand the impact Treasures had in the life of one woman who received help. Below is a letter from one of our beautiful Treasures written directly to YOU.

You have saved a life” these are her own words, this sentiment from Allie shows how deeply your giving has impacted her life!

Your special year-end gift will help change the lives of more women like Allie!

We appreciate you entrusting and investing in the Treasures team to be on the front lines in reaching women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking.


Ps. Will you change a life by giving a special year-end gift today?



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