You Are Worth It!

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We entered the last strip club of the night to find it packed and buzzing with action. The smell of alcohol and musty, old carpet filled our noses. Although each outreach we go on is unique, a night like this in the club felt very familiar to me. It reminded me of my days working in clubs just like this. I took a deep breath and followed our team leader into the crowd. Even amongst the chaos, we were able to give each woman working a gift. We were determined that not one be missed.


I am filled with excitement as I hand each woman a gift. I believe that as she opens it, it could be the exact encouragement that she needs at just that moment. The gift is a reminder that “We see you, we know how hard this can be, and we love you.”

We need reminders. We use calendars, set alarms, and ask for accountability for the things we manage in life. But what about a reminder that can go straight to our hearts and quiet the chaos within us? There’s a peace that comes from knowing you are not alone in all that you’re going through.

When I pick up my phone it shows me the time and date and underneath that, in pink cursive, it says: You are LOVED. I purposely chose this screen saver because there will never be a moment I don’t need to know that. We all have a deep-seated need to know that we are loved by our family, by others, by God.  Knowing we are loved helps us to feel secure and safe in our day to day life.

When I was in the midst of my addiction and working in the club I had a warped view of what love was. It had been manipulated into a currency. Many times I paid a high price to receive what I considered ‘love’. After 13 years of working in a club I was introduced to Treasures.


Being a part of Treasures helped me to change my perspective on what love truly is. Before receiving support I couldn’t fully comprehend that I was loved, valued, and purposed.  Loved by whom? Valued for what? Purposed how? The pursuit to find the answers to these questions led me on a journey towards finding my true self. Treasures loved me while I was in the club, and they continue to love me on my journey now.  I’m so grateful for the outreach I received and the opportunity I now have to give back by volunteering on the Outreach Team.

I have been sober and out of the commercial sex industry for 2 ½ years.  It was the Treasures tag line, that that gave me revelation of who I am. So here is a reminder for the precious reader of these words: Your worth is far more than rubies and you are loved, valued, and purposed.


Thank you Treasures for your continued support and the opportunity to give back.  If you are working in the industry and would like to receive additional information about the services we offer please visit

You  can help Treasures continue to provide resources and support to women by volunteering. You can find out more information about our volunteer opportunities  by visiting


Article by Iantha Rembert



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