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I have a friend that writes down significant moments in her life on pieces of scrap paper and places them in a bowl in her home. She takes the time to record those instances when someone showed her kindness, a need was met, something spectacular occurred, or when she saw evidence of God’s faithfulness. She calls these “marker moments”. When she needs encouragement, she reaches back into that bowl and reads those scribbled-down reminders.


Upon hearing this at our leadership retreat at the end of 2015, as a team, we began reviewing the many marker moments that had brought us to that point. As we listed these incredible moments where we saw God move– seeing women’s lives changed, experiencing miraculous provision, watching God open doors– our faith was stirred. As we reminisced, we kept finding ourselves saying “Wow, wow, wow!”

Truth be told, sometimes we really need to remember these moments. As we enter the trenches to support and care for victims of exploitation and trafficking, we are exposed to some of the worst atrocities of humanity. Seeing children in brothels in the Philippines. Journeying with women here in the US who were sold for sex by their own parents as young children. And not everyone searching for freedom finds it. There are those that don’t make it out alive. We have lost some to suicide, overdose, and at the hands of the pimp they were running from.

By the end of 2015, we were feeling battle weary and needed to be reminded of all of the good that we have seen.

“Wow” emerged out of that dialogue as our word for 2016. That weekend, we decided we would begin writing down all of the “Wow” moments that we experience at Treasures.

We entered 2016 with a certain level of excited anticipation for what was to come, but I am still amazed at just how many incredible “Wow” moments we have had in the span of 12 months!

To encourage you, we’re sharing some of our “wows” so that you know your contribution is making a tangible difference in the lives of thousands of women around the world.

Here are just a few highlights:



▪ 144 women received care and services from Treasures
▪ Our X Girls Curriculum is being used in women’s prisons, juvenile detention centers, residential programs and support groups worldwide
▪ Provided special holiday celebrations to over 20 women and their children. One young lady who grew up in foster care said it was the first time she had ever opened a Christmas gift under a tree.
▪ Gave cars that had been donated to Treasures to two women in need.
▪ Helped two women maintain their housing and avoid homelessness.
▪ Two women graduated from an occupational training program and are gainfully employed
▪ Several Treasures are enrolled in college and one just graduated with her bachelor’s degree! Now, she is working in a residential program!
▪ Another Treasure completed a residential program and now works for the program she graduated from!


▪ Reached over 6,000 women working in the sex industry
▪ Outreaches trained by Treasures in over 100 cities on 6 continents are reaching thousands of women all over the World!
▪ Launched a new online outreach in forums where women and children are being sold for sex. Have already had women reach out for help.
▪ Reached hundreds of girls in juvenile detention centers and group homes
▪ Using our free access to Youtube’s soundstage, we developed a video shedding light on Romeo Pimp tactics that is being used in colleges, trainings and juvenile detention centers


▪ Got a new space that is almost twice the size of our previous space, for the same rental rate!
▪ Given $4500 matching gift challenge to help us increase our monthly support! We met our goal!
▪ Harmony shared her story at Celebrate Recovery 25 year anniversary- the first time they had someone outside their organization lead workshops.
▪ Created a video about Treasures that will be shown at Celebrate Recovery one-day seminars all over the World.
▪ Featured in Elle Magazine
▪ Featured in Playboy Magazine
▪ Harmony’s Bible Reading plan, “Getting Past Your Past” was featured on the Youversion Bible App and sent to 22 million people. It’s had over 50,000 completions!
▪ Treasures received Mayoral Recognition
▪ One of the women that Treasures once served has stepped up into a position of leadership on our team. She was just featured as a TEDx speaker where she shared her incredible story of transformation!

As we look ahead to 2017—to all of the need that is in front of us, once again, our faith is stirred. We are excited and expectant for what will happen in the next 12 months!

Will you make a special one-time, year-end gift today to help us start 2017 off strong?


PS. Your fully tax-deductible gift will help Treasures bring transformation and hope to the lives of women we reach locally and globally.



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