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Recently, we received notice from our building manager that we needed to move out of our current space. This decision was made by the manager to accommodate a tenant who will pay the current market rate. The abrupt news put TrSFVeasures in a predicament, but we decided to use this as an opportunity to move Treasures to a place where we can reach more women and accommodate our ongoing growth.

Thankfully, we have found a new location that is double the size and still strategically located in the San Fernando Valley where 90% of pornography is filmed and distributed. Additionally, it is only half a block away from the Valley’s largest sex industry STD testing facility. It is also in the middle of a densely populated area of strip clubs. This new location is an opportunity for the message of hope and love to reach more women!

When women walk through Treasures’ doors, it is important to us that the beauty of the environment reflects how much we value them. We want them to feel welcomed, comfortable, and honored. This is where you come in!

Thanks to the support of our volunteers and local businesses, the complete renovation and move will only cost $8,000. However, this transition has come in the summer season when giving for nonprofits is typically lower than the rest of the year.

Will you consider giving a one-time gift to help Treasures create an environment where women can start on their path of restoration and healing?

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