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This month, I traveled to Ecuador to further our vision of seeing sex-industry outreach flourishing in every city on the globe. This outreach training marked the first time EVER in the history of the country that the issues of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation were talked about in a public, educational setting. The Government has been slow to recognize that the problem exists, so having several government officials present at the training was a huge breakthrough in raising awareness and starting conversations that will lead to justice. It was an honor to be a part of it.

Many of the people who attended the training are already doing incredible work in their cities. Several are already faithfully reaching women in Ecuador, Columbia and beyond. We simply handed them some new tools and information to enhance the work they are doing.

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During my time in Ecuador, I met an incredible woman named Vero who gave me permission to share her story. After 17 years of working on the streets, she was deeply impacted by the outreach team in her city and began a beautiful journey of recovery. During the trip, she joined us for an outreach, and for the first time, she retuned to the very streets where she used to work and brought a message of hope to others.

Vero told me that she wants to share her story and experiences to encourage and educate others. She wants to be an advocate for other women and has a desire to use her voice to shape laws and policies that will protect and serve victims of exploitation. I am fully confident that she will accomplish this goal!

There are more women like Vero in every part of the World. Women who have the capacity to rise above their circumstances, find freedom, and become those who fight for the freedom of others.

But first, they need to be reached.

They need people to show up, demonstrate God’s love to them, give them hope, and offer them the tools and resources they need to change their lives!

We are committed to training and equipping those people.

We are committed to being those people.

If you, like me, believe that women in the sex industry in every part of the world deserve to be reached, please partner with us by making a financial contribution today.

Thank you for your partnership! We couldn’t do this without you!

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PS. Your gift will help us continue to educate leaders and reach women in new corners of the World!

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