What’s Next? : Strip Club Outreach Update

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10644617_712258312183976_288974617609949814_nWhat’s Next?

by Lindsay Hall

“So what happens now?”

The beautiful, young woman was eager, even desperate, for direction.  The gift she had just received from Treasures was clearly a welcomed sign of something she had been waiting for.  The Treasures volunteer told her about the website which offered a host of resources that were available to this woman.  She was moved with gratitude.

Three other women at that club sat with our volunteers, clinging to their arms and holding on to every word.  They too were in dire need of support and Treasures, a support group for women in the business, had walked right in the door.

So what does happen now?  After the gifts are opened and the lip gloss is worn and the lighters are used, what next?

Well, our beautiful friend, what is it that you want?

Two women who previously worked in Hollywood clubs were with us on the Treasures team that night, serving the women who now work in their former clubs.  They had received gifts too, actually many gifts, before visiting the Treasures website and deciding what happened next for them.

On the website they read stories that reminded them of how valued they were.  They received a care package that demonstrated how cared for they were.  They found resources for their healing from addictions that freed them up to realize how purposed they were.  And as they kept taking one more step in the direction towards wholeness, they found themselves wanting to go back to the clubs they worked at and tell the women that they too are loved, valued, and purposed.  But this is their story.

Beautiful friend, what happens next is entirely up to you and that other 291 women who received gifts this night. You are loved by a patient and powerful God.  You matter.   Your story is important and exquisite. What happens next is entirely up to you, and Treasures is here to support you.





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