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imagesLeaders are vision carriers.

As Strip Club Outreach Leaders, God placed a vision in your heart to reach women in the commercial sex industry.

As a leader, I believe that vision carrying is one of your primary functions.

According to the bible, without vision, people perish. (Proverbs 29:18 KJV). Another version says “Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint” (NIV)


Vision infuses everything we do. If we do not have eyes to see where we are going, we will end up wandering aimlessly. And if you are leading people without vision or direction, they will end up wandering too.


So what does it mean to be a vision carrier?


Vision carriers are clear about what the vision is, and are able to effectively communicate it to others, thus empowering them to join in vision carrying. In ministry, this kind of clarity can only come from intentionally seeking God for vision.


Vision carriers understand that every time we communicate, we have an opportunity to cast vision.


In 2012, God gave me the word “Strengthen” as an area of focus for Treasures. In order to build and expand in years to come, first we must strengthen. 2012 was a year of strengthening. That process included looking honestly at everything we were doing and evaluating what was working and what wasn’t. We then began to prune the things were weren’t doing as well in order to focus on strengthening the things we were doing well.


During that time, at one of our care team meetings, another leader suggested that we begin developing regional chapters of Treasures with staff overseeing the Treasures-trained outreaches in that region. The rest of the team thought it was a brilliant idea, and it might be…later. But that year, the vision was about strengthening what we already had in place.


This was the perfect opportunity to re-communicating the vision. I validated the leader for her creative thinking, reminded the team of our focus for 2012, and presented the question: “How can we strengthen our already existing efforts to care for women?”


If I was not clear on the vision, we could have spent a lot of time wandering and wondering how we could launch what could be a really good idea with not-so-good timing.


Here are some simple questions to help strengthen yourselves as vision carriers.


  1. What is the vision? As vision carriers, we have to know the vision. By now you should have a clear vision statement. I encourage you to know this forwards and backwards.
  2. What does the vision look like in practice? For example, what does it look like to reach women with a message of love, value and purpose in your city?
  3. Is there a “word of focus” or some concrete direction God is giving you for the ministry this year? I encourage you to find out 🙂  Please share once you know.


Carry on vision carriers!


Love, Harmony Dust

Founder/Executive Director of Treasures



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