Unity: Treasures Value #1

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imagesUnity: Treasures Value #1

“Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace” Ephesians 4:3

In an industry where women are required to be in competition with one another, unity is a powerful antidote.  As a team, we are each uniquely different, yet unified in vision, values and our love and respect for one another.


When we walk into the places we do outreach, the genuine unity and bond we have with one another is a example in and of itself.  I believe the women can see it in our interactions.


In an atmosphere where women are required to be in competition with one another the unity that they will see on your team will speak volumes to them.  Sometimes it is going to be the first healthy example of female relationships that they have seen or experienced. If your team is filled with gossip, backbiting and division, you will not have the impact you could have and might even have a negative one.


I remember when I was working in the strip club, although I had a certain bond with the other women in the club based on the mere fact that there was a mutual understanding of the frustrations and complexities of sex work, there was also a lot of backbiting and gossip. Maybe it was just my club:) The moment someone walked out of the dressing room, talking about them behind their back was commonplace.  If a group of women walked into the club and demonstrated authentic relationship and unity with one another, I would have been drawn to them, if only out of curiosity.


I believe that unity is the remedy for division.  It is the pathway to peace.  Unity does not mean conformity.  It doesn’t require that we act like mindless clones of one another.  It requires that in our individuality and uniqueness, we operate in harmony towards seeing our vision and values expressed in our outreach and care to women in the industry.


How about you? What role does unity play in your life or on the team you lead?


Love Harmony


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