Unity Is The Remedy

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Unity is the remedy for division. It is the pathway to peace.

My experience working in strip clubs was completely opposite of unity and peace. It was an environment of hustle and chaos. A place where women were required to be in competition with one another. Fueled by desperation for money mixed with insecurity, and jealousy, even friends were rivals in the club.

Women who’ve worked in the sex industry and those who have experienced sexual exploitation face a myriad of issues that impact their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Many feel desperately isolated and alone in their pain and struggles.

At Treasures we place a high value on unity. It is a powerful antidote to competition, defuses tension, and brings us into family. Our message to the women is, “We are for you, we respect you and we value you. We are each uniquely different, yet unified in vision, values and our love and respect for one another”.

Will you unite with us to help women see their value and to discover that they are not alone?

Please read the below letter written to you from a Treasure.

*Names and other identifying information have been altered to protect confidentiality



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