Tonight is the Night

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Tonight is the night… we can feel it.

I wonder if the women we were about to encounter can feel it too. Can they sense something different in the atmosphere, as they get ready for work?

We didn’t know what was going to happen, but we knew it was going to be amazing! There was an overwhelming sense of joy pouring out from the team members. It was contagious!

The security guards we met, the managers we spoke to, and most especially the women we met that night were all very receptive to us and to the gifts we delivered. One woman even stopped to say thank you in the middle of her performance. The joy was spreading!

Tonight was filled with memorable moments- One club we visited, has never allowed us to leave the gifts with the women working. But tonight something was different, and they finally, after many years of turning us away, allowed us to leave the gifts at the club! At another place one of the women told us that she had received a bracelet in her gift bag, and has never taken it off. “It reminds me that I am loved, valued, and purposed,” she said.

Tonight was a night filled with joy and excitement! We felt it in the team, and saw it in the faces of the women we encountered. We provided 123 gifts to women working in The East Valley this weekend. Each gift is like a tiny lamp, and the light and joy prayed into that bag may carry on for years in the heart of the woman receiving it. Over time we have heard many stories of how precious the notes and small gifts are to the women receiving them, and how they sometimes hold on to those tiny objects for years.

Each volunteer who comes to our Impact Team to assemble and pray over these gifts is making an impact. Each donor who has sacrificed financially to give to our mission has become a part of this journey; a part of spreading joy, hope, value, and purpose to the women working in clubs in Los Angeles.


You too can be a part of providing these gifts to the women we serve in our community. If you’d like to become more involved in a tangible way please visit our page One of our team members will reach out to you and let you know what your next steps will be!

If you work in the industry and want to further connect with someone from our team please visit Many of us have worked in the industry ourselves and understand its realities. If you’re looking for a listening ear, encouragement, or support in reaching your goals we are here to help and look forward to speaking with you!


Written by Jessika Fuhrmaneck



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