This is What Happened to the 1st Woman Who Contacted Treasures!

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Rejected. Dysfunctional. Empty.


These were the very real words that Amber* used to describe her life and the way she felt in 2003.


“No matter how much money I made, I still felt empty and unsatisfied. I thought that the ‘glamorous’ lifestyle would make me feel better about myself, but stripping only made me feel even more worthless.”


Almost 13 years ago, as I was laying the foundation for Treasures’ first ever, strip club outreach, I received a phone call from Amber. She told me that she was currently working as a “dancer” but wanted to join us in reaching the clubs. This was before the days of volunteer applications and trainings, so I said “yes” to Amber. I didn’t know the weight of what my “Yes” carried when I agreed to have Amber join Treasures’ first outreach to the strip clubs of Los Angeles that night.

When the evening was over, Amber had an announcement to make, “I’m going to go and clean out my locker at the club!” She quit stripping that night and never returned. A few weeks later she handed me $1,000 cash to share her gratitude of the impact that outreach had on her. I knew she would need the money to support herself and part of me wanted to refuse her donation, but she insisted on “sowing a seed” into the work of Treasures.  I believe in the power of generosity and I didn’t want to rob her of the gift of giving, so I accepted the money and brought it to a pastor at my Church for advice on what to do with it. Her sacrificial donation and my desire to steward it well became the catalyst for Treasures to file for 501(c)(3) status and become an official non-profit.




These are the very words that Amber uses to describe herself now.


Amber was the first woman to ever contact Treasures, the first “treasure” to leave the industry and she became the first Treasures donor. Years later, she even returned to Treasures in order to get trained to start an outreach in the city where she lives today!


Amber reached all of these milestones because she said “yes”.  “Yes” to showing up. “Yes” to leaving the sex industry. And “yes” to investing in the lives of others.


Will you join Amber in saying “yes” to partnering with Treasures?


Your donation will enable us to see more women like Amber become survivors, overcomers, and liberators!


Thank you for your YES!

Harmony (Dust) Grillo


Ps. Your gift to Treasures truly makes a difference in the lives of women we reach.


*Names and identifying information have been changed to protect confidentiality


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