This is happening in my neighborhood… and YOURS!

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After moving into our new space over the summer, we began doing outreach to women and girls being sold for sex through online forums in our community. One Thursday morning at 10am, I created a post in one of the most popular websites where escort ads are placed. I wanted to send a message to the women letting them know that we are here for them, support is available, and reminding them that they are loved, valued and purposed.

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I set the post to reach a 5 miles radius from the office. One hour later, I checked on the post to see if anyone had made comments or reached out. (They had!)

But I was also shocked to find that within one hour, my post was completely buried under 45 new ads where women and girls were being solicited and exploited for sex.

45 women and girls being sold, within 5 miles of our office on a Thursday morning! Not a Saturday night. A Thursday morning!

This is happening in my neighborhood. And it is happening in yours.

You may have heard the news of Backpage, the most notorious website where this is happening, shutting down their adult section. To be clear, this has not prevented the ads from being published nor women and girls from being exploited. The ads have simply been moved to a different section.

The demand for the sex industry is astronomical and it’s growing. There are more women employed by the sex industry than any other time in history*.

Will you give to Treasures today to help reach women that are being sexually exploited?

It’s not about the amount of money that you give. It’s about being able to reach the women that are being sexually exploited and trafficked right in our backyards and globally.

With your support, we can see these women become reached and restored to live healthy and flourishing lives!




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