The Voice Part 3: Preparing for Speaking and Media Opportunities

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The Voice Part 3: Preparing for Speaking and Media Opportunities


The Message


Now that you have spent time preparing your heart and getting to know your audience and vision, it is time to determine what you want to say. What is the message you want to communicate?


Before you start developing your message, it is helpful to come up with your bottom line.


For example, I shared a message at my church during a series on dreams. Rather than thinking about every story in the bible that has to do with dreams and everything I ever learned about dreams, I started my message preparation with a bottom line: God Will Redeem the Dream.


From that point, I begin to come up with points that will illustrate the bottom line. I structure my messages similar to the way I wrote papers in college: A premise (or bottom line) and three points supporting or illustrating the bottom line. My bottom line may change and perhaps I will play with the structure a bit, but I find that having this structural guideline is very helpful.


Sometimes, I have noticed, there is a tendency to want to share everything we ever knew with people during a message. Don’t do thatJ People tune out when they are faced with information overload. Stick to the bottom line. Save the other stuff for a later message.


Below is a basic structure I use after I figure out my bottom line.


Message Structure:

  • Opening
  • Body (3 points with 1-2 examples for each point)
  • Closing


The opening and closing are the most important parts of your message. People are more likely to remember the first and last things you say. I usually open with my bottom line or a statement that supports or leads into the bottom line.


Then, in your closing, you want to answer two questions:


What do you want the audience to know?

What do you want the audience to do?


In the closing of the message, I usually reiterate the bottom line. Repetition of the bottom line is okay. People learn through repetition.


For example, if your bottom line is that “God Cares About Women in the Sex Industry and We Should Too”, then your closing statement would probably reflect that:


“God Cares About Women in the Sex Industry and We Should Too” (This is what you want them to know)


The next statement would be an invitation to action. For example, “Today I am inviting you to ________” Examples could include, sign up to volunteer, become a monthly partner, make a decision to get help for an addiction to porn.


Knowing your audience will help you determine the most appropriate action step(s).


Here is what I want you to know…


You have what it takes to be a voice for the vision God has placed in your heart.


Here is what I want you to do…


Recognize that the platform is not a destination, but a tool God may use so that His voice will be heard through you.


Do what you can do to know your audience, internalize the vision, and prepare the message in such a way that it is simple and easy to follow.


Trust God with the rest. 🙂



Love, Harmony


Quick Tip: At some point, you may find it helpful to create a speaking request form either in a word document that can be emailed or as an online form. This will help you gather the information you need to best prepare. Here is the speaking request form that we use: Speaking Request Form


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    This is a great series Harmony! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and resources to assist others in their journey in developing their voice to be used by God.

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