The Struggle Is Real!

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Have you ever fallen into deep despair? Did you wish that someone would call or text you and let you know that they care? This is where I found myself the day of Outreach. I was so done with life…It took me back to before I left the sex industry, when I felt all alone.

As we prepared to leave for the night, I was able to shed the heaviness of the day and shift my focus. There were nine clubs on this route, and one of the club’s was notorious for not allowing the gifts in. So I put my game face on.

Many of the women we serve have endured horrific trauma, loss, abandonment and financial difficulties. But, they don’t give up, they keep fighting, they find a way to pay their rent, to take care of their children, to realize their dreams. And they often do this without the resources or family support that are common to many of us.  As a matter of fact, one of the women we encountered that night told us that she regularly receives a gift from us and wanted us to know that she just got accepted for an internship in the fashion industry!

In a world where people will step on each other to get to the top, we say, “I see you, you matter, I know it’s hard sometimes… but I’m here for you if you need anything.” There is such power in encouraging one another. Earlier in the day, it was the women of Treasures that held me up when I had lost faith in myself. It doesn’t matter if you are still working in the industry, are out, or have never been in it. We are all women and face immense pressures.  Pressure to succeed, pay the bills on time, not get evicted.  Pressure to look a certain way, pressure to act a certain way, pressure to keep it all together.

We understand how messed up life can be and believe that no one deserves to go through hardships alone. We believe that every woman holds greatness within her. It’s just that sometimes she can’t see it. At Treasures, we desire to be that gentle voice saying, “You are fully capable of attaining your dreams and when you have lost all hope, we will hold that hope for you.”


If you are currently working in the industry we would love to get to know you better, you don’t have to do this life alone! To receive a special gift, please visit

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