The Only Time I Heard, “I Love You”

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“What is your favorite type of group to lead?” A trainee asked as we piled into the shuttle for outreach. I thought for a moment and stated that I love the excitement mixed with nervousness that comes with a volunteer on their first night of Outreach. Little did I know that my entire group had never been in a club before! We were in the midst of National Training and tonight we were set to cover a lot of ground. 3 shuttles, 50 Volunteers and 18 clubs spanning across Hollywood and Downtown.

Training attendees came from all over the United States and some even traveled from as far as Canada! A father of one of the women who came to training actually owns several Strip Clubs in another country.  She wanted to come to be trained so that she could better help those who are hurting in the Commercial Sex Industry. As she prepared for outreach she filled her hands with gifts.  She was on a mission to bless the women we serve in Los Angeles.

We also had a woman join us who had formerly worked in the industry.  She mustered up all of her courage and walked up to the club doors, confident that the gifts would get into the hands of the women working. The security guard joyfully received the gifts and promised he would personally hand the gifts to the women as they left for the night!!

One club we frequently visit has a high-percentage of Spanish speakers. They began to ask questions about who we are. Thankfully one of the members on the team spoke Spanish. She was able to share with the women that we are a support for them and that they are Loved, Valued and Purposed. When the women heard this, their eyes glowed with excitement!  What a gift it was to our team to have this volunteer present and ready to bridge the language barrier at just the right moment!

Often Managers and Security are curious about who we are and what our objective is. One club owner bluntly asked if we are trying to get his girls to leave. My reply was simple – we are a support group for the women. Some of us have been in the Industry and understand how difficult it can be. He had no argument for that and he kindly allowed us to walk in and hand a gift to every woman and leave gifts in the dressing room as well!!

Treasures is not here to tell anyone how to live their life. Instead, we are here to meet the women we serve right where they are. We are interested in the state of their heart. I wish someone would have told me that I was loved, valued and created with a purpose when I was working in the Commercial Sex Industry.


The only time I heard, “I love you” was when I was fulfilling someone’s fantasy.


The Treasures Outreach Team offers support and appreciation for the difficulties and issues that the women may be facing.  Within the course of five hours we had the honor of giving gifts to 529 women working in strip clubs and hostess clubs!!

If you are currently working in the Industry, know that we are here for you, we offer an understanding ear and would love to be a resource for you. Know that you are beautiful just the way you are and that you were made to do great things.


You can find more resources available at

If you would like to be trained to participate in an Outreach Team in Los Angeles, or in your own city please visit for more information.

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers from our National Training, and to those who work with us diligently month after month!  Together we are making a difference!


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