The Main Event

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“Where have you ladies been? We’ve missed you!” The club owner shouted, as we walked up with our hands full of pink gifts for the women inside. A year ago, we had visited his club and took the time to be present with him as he inquired about the work that Treasures does. Once he understood that we are a support for women in the sex industry, he enthusiastically allowed us entrance into his club and even allowed us to go into the dressing room to personally hand the gifts to the women.

This was a much needed interaction as we had just been denied entry into three clubs, two of which always allow us to leave gifts for the women. Prior to leaving for the night, we gave ourselves specific assignments to fulfill. These assignments kept us engaged as we visited the eleven clubs on our Los Angeles route. We were unified in our decision to be present in every interaction, in every situation, whether we were in the clubs or on the shuttle.

Unity is a powerful dynamic. When humanity comes together centered around a common goal, we can effect change. Consistently showing up with enthusiasm when it seems we aren’t making any progress, can be a challenge but it is all worth it when we get to meet one of the women and let her know that she is loved.

A great example of this was when the team was handing gifts out in the club and one of the woman was hesitant to accept the gift we offered her. She could not figure out why we wanted to give her a gift. This all changed in an instant when she locked eyes with me, suddenly her countenance changed, I saw her walls of defense go down and then she put her hand out to shake my hand. This is the power of being present! As the team was walking around the club, handing the gifts out, I had noticed her discomfort as she received her gift, but I was oozing with compassion and love for her and she felt my affections toward her.

We handed out 373 gifts to the women on the Los Angeles route. Every woman had our undivided attention, our focus was her. Meeting her was the main event! There is no where else I would rather have been on that Friday night in DTLA. What an honor it was to meet every woman and share a moment with her. 

If you are reading this and you are currently working in the sex industry, you are so loved by us. We would love the opportunity to connect with you! To receive a special gift please click here-

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