How My Childhood Led Me To Stripping: Buzzfeed Video!

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I still remember the first time I ever publicly shared my story. I became so filled with doubt fear of being judged that I almost didn’t share! Today, I see that even if one person is impacted by me sharing vulnerably about the things I have overcome, it is worth it! Thankful to Buzzfeed for providing a platform for it …

Sneak Peak: Scars & Stilettos First Pages

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Hi Friends, Today I  was reminded of exactly why I wrote Scars and Stilettos.  A woman called me in tears after hearing from her granddaughter who had been on the streets. “Grandma, I read that book you sent me from cover to cover and I left.  I finally left. Now I just have one question,” she continued, “What do I …

She’ll Never Walk Away: A Commentary on The Weekend’s Song, “In the Night”

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    “You’ll be back. Nobody ever leaves.”   This is what they told me the night I quit working at the strip club.   My experience told me they were right. The only woman I ever saw leave the club married a rich costumer that had become a regular of hers. Not exactly a fairytale ending. More like a …

Scars and Stilettos: The first pages

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For those of you who haven’t read it, I am sharing the first few pages of my memoir, Scars and Stilettos. It took me 7 years, several writing classes and at least 3 complete re-writes to write this book!  Hearing the stories of women (and youth) who have been inspired to escape unhealthy relationships or walk away from the sex industry/the life …

Desecration Dance

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Defense mechanisms: We all have them. They make it possible for us to survive in our own skin when it hurts, when it is burned and scorched and stretched tightly around us in such a way that we feel immobilized. Somewhere, deep inside, we find a way to carry on with our daily lives when nothing around us makes sense. …

My Treasure

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by Chrissy Woodward There’s no hidden corner you can blend yourself into. There’s no secret room where eyes can’t find you. Your shame and your fear make you think love isn’t real. But it’s pure and it’s honest Despite what you feel. I know you feel unworthy as you take all the blame. You’ve been responding to a call forgetting your …

Beauty and Brainwashing

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In elementary school, my childhood best friend and I would flip through the pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine and call “dibs” on the body parts we wanted. We played a game where the first person to call out a particular feature “won” the right to that feature.

Helping Women Leave the Sex Industry

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Helping Women Leave the Sex Industry   Walking away from the sex industry was HARD! Stripping had become more than a job. It was my life.   I spent several years, creating this character, Monique. Monique had her own set of friends, norms, and survival methods… I hid behind her and eventually, lost sight of who the real Harmony was. …

Who will you be when you take off your costume?

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When I was 20 years old, I showed up to a club on Sunset Blvd. in stilettos and a cheetah print, G-string leotard and called it a Halloween costume. Tonight at a Costume Carnival, I will be dressed as the Queen of Hearts. If I can get her to cooperate, my daughter will be Alice in Wonderland:) Although my costume choices …

Is it wrong to take pole dancing classes?

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“What do you think about pole dancing classes?” Since the emergence of the pole-dancing craze, I get asked this question at least once a month. At one point, I even heard of a ministry that was using the women in the strip club to teach holding pole-dancing classes as fundraisers to raise money for the organization. Ummm.  Okay.  I could …