She’ll Never Walk Away: A Commentary on The Weekend’s Song, “In the Night”

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    “You’ll be back. Nobody ever leaves.”   This is what they told me the night I quit working at the strip club.   My experience told me they were right. The only woman I ever saw leave the club married a rich costumer that had become a regular of hers. Not exactly a fairytale ending. More like a …

Desecration Dance

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Defense mechanisms: We all have them. They make it possible for us to survive in our own skin when it hurts, when it is burned and scorched and stretched tightly around us in such a way that we feel immobilized. Somewhere, deep inside, we find a way to carry on with our daily lives when nothing around us makes sense. …


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On Friday, I had the opportunity to share my story at Saddleback, including parts of my story I don’t usually share. It was a very special night for me because I used to drive in 74 miles of LA traffic with my 10-month old daughter in the back seat every Friday for 2 years to attend Celebrate Recovery at Saddleback! I …

My Treasure

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by Chrissy Woodward There’s no hidden corner you can blend yourself into. There’s no secret room where eyes can’t find you. Your shame and your fear make you think love isn’t real. But it’s pure and it’s honest Despite what you feel. I know you feel unworthy as you take all the blame. You’ve been responding to a call forgetting your …

Not Just Girls, Girls, Girls

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“Are you, Lance*?” The sturdy security guard looked almost puzzled, and a softness in his eyes betrayed his formidable stance. “How do you remember my name?” He asked after a pause. “I can’t believe you remember me. I don’t remember anyone’s name.” “We want to remember you,” the Treasures volunteer said. Respected and remembered, Lance engaged us warmly and gladly …

Will You Help Us Reach Women in New Corners of the World

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This month, I traveled to Ecuador to further our vision of seeing sex-industry outreach flourishing in every city on the globe. This outreach training marked the first time EVER in the history of the country that the issues of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation were talked about in a public, educational setting. The Government has been slow to recognize that the problem exists, so …

The Long Embrace

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The woman was moved. After opening her gift, a swell of emotions caused her to hesitate in her response. “I feel like I want to hug you,” she said to a Treasures volunteer. The volunteer flung her arms open, inviting this woman in. The woman savored the long embrace, clinging tightly as if to speak a depth of gratitude that …

Beauty and Brainwashing

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In elementary school, my childhood best friend and I would flip through the pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine and call “dibs” on the body parts we wanted. We played a game where the first person to call out a particular feature “won” the right to that feature.

Size Matters

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  We are not too big and we are not too little. This was the theme that came up for our team before we headed to East San Fernando Valley for our monthly strip club outreach. As is often the case on outreach nights, the theme that came up during prayer ended up permeating the rest of the evening. During …