I was a chameleon

“How old are you?” My client asked me. “How old do you want me to be?” “23.” “Okay, I’m 23.” Working in the sex industry was like that. I was a chameleon. It was all in a day’s work to be what the client wanted. I spent years as a child honing those skills. I […]

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The Gift of Love

I am remembering back to where I was nine years ago today. Even though it was my birthday, I wasn’t feeing celebrated. As a matter of fact for several years toward the end of my time in the sex industry, I spent my birthdays feeling alone. Oh, maybe a client or two would remember, perhaps […]



The bell rings and we bolt out for the last time. Summer vacation is finally here, and freedom is ours for the next three months! Oh I remember those days. Even now as an adult there’s something about summer that carries that same feeling in my heart. The feeling of freedom. For so many years […]


The best day

I look at this picture all the time. It reminds me of one of the best days of my life. But it reminds me of so much more. This photo was taken at the exact same spot that I told my husband (then boyfriend) that I used to work in the sex industry. I’ll never […]


First things first

Bam! As soon as I move that box from the doorway, I get hit in the head with all kinds of stuff. Old tennis shoes, a random pink high heel, several books and who knows what else. I’m trying to clear out the closet, but in order to go through things, I have got to […]

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Planting Seeds

When I was working in the sex industry, my whole world was drama. Suicide threats, drug overdoses, sexually transmitted diseases, and being beaten by boyfriends was common in my crowd. This was my normal. It wasn’t until three years out of the business that I started to really see some light. As my own darkness […]

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Harmony Dust

Chasing the Money

Chasing the Money      Written for Treasures by Larissa Zdon Do you constantly find yourself drawn to the thought of money? How much do I have? Is it enough? Can I afford that? And, how can I get just a little bit more?   I was never such a slave to this way of thinking than […]

Harmony Dust

How Our Brains See Men as People and Women as Body Parts

Great article from Science Daily about how we see men as people and women as body parts. I just wonder what a profound impact it would have on the sex industry if we as a culture were more likely to see women as humans…     How Our Brains See Men as People and Women […]

Harmony Dust

People See Sexy Pictures of Women as Objects, Not People

Check out this an illuminating article from Science Daily containing evidence that we are more likely to objectify women than men. People See Sexy Pictures of Women as Objects, Not People; Sexy-Looking Men as People Perfume ads, beer billboards, movie posters: everywhere you look, women’s sexualized bodies are on display. A new study published inPsychological Science, […]


Dreams Do Come True

  As I was heading down the highway, I looked back in the rearview mirror. I could see the wedding gown laying flat in the back of my SUV. I was driving to spend the weekend as bridesmaid, companion and helper to one of my best friends over her wedding weekend. I was alone in […]

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