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There is a prevailing belief in our culture that porn is not only harmless, but empowering to the women involved. The line of thinking goes something like this:   “Women in porn are consenting adults, doing this by choice. They are empowered by virtue of their sexually liberation. And good for them for using what ‘God gave them’ to get …

Scars and Stilettos: The first pages

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For those of you who haven’t read it, I am sharing the first few pages of my memoir, Scars and Stilettos. It took me 7 years, several writing classes and at least 3 complete re-writes to write this book!  Hearing the stories of women (and youth) who have been inspired to escape unhealthy relationships or walk away from the sex industry/the life …


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On Friday, I had the opportunity to share my story at Saddleback, including parts of my story I don’t usually share. It was a very special night for me because I used to drive in 74 miles of LA traffic with my 10-month old daughter in the back seat every Friday for 2 years to attend Celebrate Recovery at Saddleback! I …

Beauty and Brainwashing

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In elementary school, my childhood best friend and I would flip through the pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine and call “dibs” on the body parts we wanted. We played a game where the first person to call out a particular feature “won” the right to that feature.