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X GIRLS WORKBOOK AND DVD SERIES AVAILABLE NOW!!! What is X Girls? The strategy of Treasures has always been to reach locally and think globally. That is why we have offered Sex Industry Outreach Trainings for leaders interested in developing sex industry outreaches in their communities for the past seven years. My desire is to […]

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Sharing Your Story : X Girls Episode 10

  Sharing Your Story : X Girls Episode 10   WATCH NOW My story matters.   And while my story matters, it also doesn’t define me.  As Bronwen said in this episode, “What I have done is not who I am”.   We believe that everyone has a unique story and that even the most painful […]

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Sex : X Girls Episode 9

  Sex X Girls Episode 9    WATCH NOW   As the widely used marketing slogan goes, “Sex sells”.   It does.  And the sex industry sells sex to the tune of 13.3 billion annually in the US alone.  These revenues are bigger than the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball combined (Internet Filter Review). […]

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Dating & Men: X Girls Episode 8

Dating & Men   X Girls Episode 8  WATCH NOW One of the most talked about topics in the Treasures support group is that of dating and men.  Many of us who have left the industry have come to discover that although we left sex work behind, we still have the same patterns of relating […]

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Friendships & Community X Girls Episode 7

Friendships & Community X Girls Episode 7   WATCH NOW   What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously.  But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.  ~Kurt Vonnegut   God wired us for relationship.  We are innately designed […]

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Confidence & Beauty: X Girls Episode 6

  Confidence & Beauty X Girls Episode 6  WATCH NOW  “There is only one of you for all eternity, so fearlessly be yourself” ~Anthony Rapp   We live in an image driven culture, and the sex industry is the epitome of it.     The standard of beauty that I was compelled to live up […]

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Choose Courage: X Girls Episode 5: (My Mind)

Choose Courage X Girls Episode 5: (My Mind) By Ashley Abercrombie Few things stir the human heart like fantasy. Often we assign the fantasy gene solely to men and their desires, but the truth is, we are all guilty. How many times have we been at the gym, staring with envy at someone else’s rock […]

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Boundaries: X Girls Episode 4

 Boundaries X Girls Episode 4 WATCH: X Girls Episode 4: Boundaries    The sex industry is anchored in fantasy.  Many of us who have worked in the sex industry created a fantasy persona that is based on meeting the wants, needs and desires of someone else.    In the strip club, my fantasy persona was […]

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The Aftermath: X Girls Episode 3

 The Aftermath X Girls Episode 3 WATCH: X Girls Episode 3: The Aftermath   When I think about the word “aftermath,” I think of what happens after the dust settles following a disaster. I think about the “pieces” that I was left to pick up emotionally after working in the sex industry.   In this […]

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Getting Out and Staying Out

Getting Out and Staying Out Episode 2 of X Girls   “Until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, most people prefer to stay the same.” Unknown   This is one of my favorite quotes. And it perfectly describes the state I was in on the day that I […]

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