Kate’s Story


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I came to Hollywood to pursue a dream and within a few days I was practically forced in to prostitution to survive. I became a stripper, a drug addict, and even got into witchcraft and for 10 years lived a lie and didn’t see my family.

Hollywood threw me a bone occasionally that kept me believing it would all work out in time. A semi famous film producer found me in the club and from there I was hired to dance in a few films and even got a few shots on the “Party Machine” that aired on late night TV. But that didn’t stop the downward spiral I was in. It wasn’t until I was arrested and spent some time in Sybil Brand a women’s correctional facility for car theft and drug possession that I began to realize my life was out of control.

That night I had been working in a xxx club in Hollywood, I had made enough money to but the used car my roommate was loaning me. I had stopped of to see my dealer and was on my way home. It was somewhere around 3am when the cops pulled me over. The next thing I knew I was surrounded be cops, they had called in back up and I was laying face down on the pavement trying to deny I had done anything wrong. Wasn’t I just living a normal life? Why was everybody always on my case?

Life inside Sybil is a nightmare I’ll never forget as long as I live. Soon after I left Hollywood and came to the desert, but for 2 years I would be on probation and have to call in every night to see if my # would come up for drug testing the next day. I prayed that God would help me get away from this lifestyle that I was afraid to leave still life had been threatened by my past associations if I did. I was even followed and tormented for a while.

Those years are behind me now but it was because I found the truth. I found out that I am Cherished and loved more than I could have known. I was just looking in all the wrong places!I love being able to reach out to the girls in the industry and support them in what they are going through because I remember what that was like. If you are reading this and want to hear more I’d love to talk to you! Take care of yourself…YOU ARE CHERISHED!