Fiona’s Story

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I started stripping when my best friend in college suggested it for her 21st birthday. What seemed like an exhilarating adventure of girls-gone-wild quickly became a host of lies and destruction from the pit of hell.

Groping eyes and hands became an eerie sense of familiarity that crept up from experiences felt too many times past. I owned a false sense of power that preyed on the perversion of darkness. I exuded fantasy behind a mask that hid shame, desperation, loneliness, and a low sense of self-worth… utter brokenness. All I wanted was to be loved.

I cried out to God when I couldn’t pry myself from going in and out of dancing over the next six years. It was a horrific lure of lust and greed. I realized I couldn’t do it on my own when He took everything I thought I had successfully achieved away. He had finally gotten my attention.

I stopped rebelling and surrendered to God when He called me to the water. He met me on the sandy shores of Santa Monica and spoke of life. He promised I would no longer thirst nor hunger. As the true and living water, Jesus Christ would be my all in all.

I was lost, confused, and without hope. I was walking dead. The works of the Lord in my healing journey and road to recovery have been supernatural. As I give, through the work of Treasures, I am also being given to. Although Treasures didn’t find me at the club, it helped me to stay out of them–never to return. And now I am able to help others do the same.

Treasures has impacted my life by creating a safe community where I can flourish and heal by building healthy relationships with other believers. Treasures has helped me stay accountable to the truth of who God has made us and called us to be. Through Treasures, I am reminded of how precious and valuable His daughters are in His sight.