She is a Daughter, Mother, Friend, Leader

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91,980,225,000 pornographic videos were viewed on one subscription-based website in 2016 alone.

Not only that, but the revenues of the sex and porn industry in the U.S. are bigger than the NFL, NBA and MLB combined. It’s time to face the harsh reality of the sex industry – behind these ‘numbers’.

We can no longer glamorize the sex industry and the sexualization of women in our society today. There are women in front of these cameras being exploited. They are daughters, mothers, aunts, sisters, leaders, fighters, and heroes.

Veronica* showed us a glimpse of her life in the sex industry:

Veronica’s story is only one of the millions of women who are working in the sex industry. We hear their stories, their struggles, and their pain. One thing is for certain – the need for Treasures is only getting greater. Our mission to reach and restore women, because we know every woman we reach has the capacity to be a leader, to be a liberator, and to fully live out the dreams of their heart.

We welcome women like Veronica into relationships that encourage and affirm their true value for who they are and provide the support necessary for them to pursue their goals.

Will you give a special gift today to bring hope and restoration to women just like Veronica?

*Names and other identifying information have been altered to protect confidentiality



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