She Finally Called

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This was a portion of my phone conversation with Sarah* when she called the Treasures office. There have been times when we have gone on an outreach on a Friday and a woman we met attends support group on Monday. We love when that happens! But the reality is, for most women, it takes time for them to arrive at a point where they are ready for help.

Sarah’s story shows the importance of consistency over time.

When I was 15 years old, my high school passed out cards with the number to a suicide hotline on them. I often contemplated suicide and had even attempted in the past. Like Sarah, I tucked that card away in my wallet, knowing I would need it one day. Two years later, when my “one day” finally came, desperate for help, I called the hotline to find the number was no longer in service.

We never want this to happen to the women we reach. When their “one day” comes and they finally call, we will be there to answer. Your support makes this possible!

Treasures receives no government funding and relies on people like you to maintain our consistency and availability for the women we serve…women like Sarah.

Will you make a special gift today in order to help women like Sarah?




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