Life Hacks: Helping Kids Navigate Peer Pressure

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Helping Kids Navigate Peer Pressure

LIFE HACKS: Rebuilding Your Life, One Hack at a Time

As parents, our voices need to be louder than the voice of our culture. Our kids need for us to lead them.

It is important to talk to them about how to approach situations that are difficult and equip them for how they should handle themselves in these pressure moments. Give examples:

If you are faced with someone offering you _____ (that you know is wrong), do this instead _____.   You fill in the blank. As they grow in maturity and age, give them an example and then ask them what they would do, so they learn judgment for themselves when faced with tough choices.

As parents, we can help them develop a strong stance on important issues before they are faced with the opportunity to make a bad choice because of peer pressure. Talk with them about what they will say when pressured, so that they can say it with confidence.

At every age, this is important. If your 5 yr. old is being pressured to watch something they know they are not supposed to watch on TV, coach them on how to respond to their friends. “We don’t watch these shows at my house, let’s go outside instead.” Or your teenager is being exposed to pornography. “I just don’t look at that stuff lets go do something else”.  Take time to listen, understand what pressures your kids are facing and discuss with them how they should respond.

By having these conversations we set them up for success in facing peer pressure and making good decisions. They will be influenced by those they spend the majority of their time with.  We need to teach our kids this and encourage them to choose friendships that will influence them positively toward their goals and beliefs.


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Brooke is a 34-year-old mama of 3 small kiddos, and has been married to her best friend for 11 yrs. She currently lives in Austin Texas and loves raising her family to love God and love others.
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