Life Hacks: Moms: You Are Spectacular!

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Moms: You Are Spectacular!

LIFE HACKS: Rebuilding Your Life, One Hack at a Time

Attention all mommas! You might want to sit down for this and brace yourself for what you’re about to read! I don’t know how else to say it, but YOU ARE SPECTACULAR! Take it in and believe it because it’s true. Sometimes it’s hard to take the compliment because we focus on all the areas that we are falling short.  Lets Stop that!! We are imperfectly incredible meaning we are not perfect but what we do from day to day to help our household function is incredible! Our role as moms could be considered the most important job on the planet, whether we are at home full time or work full time. After all, we are raising humans! Motherhood is an honor, blessing and joy but we know all too well that these humans do not come with an instruction manual.

The sacrifices a mother makes for the good of her children are only truly known by God.  From physical fatigue, to mental energy, to constant support, we are always “ON” as mothers. This HUGE responsibility can be extremely stressful, tiring and frustrating at times, which is why we must get into the habit of encouraging ourselves and others along the journey. I encourage us to carve out some time during every day to simply take a breath and reflect on our day and focus on how spectacular we are.

Spectacular simply because we are showing up, doing our best and giving God the rest. As we encourage ourselves lets also encourage others.  Next time we see a fellow mom struggling to walk through the door with a stroller, diaper bag and the like, lets hold that door open for her, make eye contact and say, “You are Spectacular!!”



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Sarah-Gayle Galbreath loves God and loves people! She has a masters degree in marriage and family therapy because she is passionate about equipping marriages and families to flourish. For the past nine years she has been joyfully married to the most handsome, intelligent, humble man in the world of whom she has made two beautiful children with.







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