It’s All About the Cookies

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This past week, a group of volunteers baked delicious, homemade cookies for our monthly outreach. We never could have predicted the impact these sugary treats would have on the evening ahead.

Miraculous Cookies

Photo Credit @ Jessika Fuhrmaneck

Our team of volunteers made our way to 12 clubs in the West Valley.  We were able to have some great conversations with the women we support.  The girls were eager to get involved and several even hoped to give back in some way to Treasures.  It was a pleasure to meet the women and spend time hearing about their hopes and dreams.  

When we arrived at the door of one club the DJ came to greet us and exclaimed, “How did you know I love cookies?! Giving me a cookie is like giving me a flower.”  We had great conversations here and were able to leave gifts for every woman working.

The team received many hugs and thanks for bringing the gifts and just spending some time chatting. One girl asked if we were also strippers.  Since some of us have worked in the industry, we were able to share briefly about our experiences, and how Treasures has been a support along the way.

As we were exiting that same club the DJ announced over the mic “Thank you for the cookie!!”  These precious cookies were paving the way, and providing us opportunities to share and meet even more women than we might have otherwise had an opportunity to share with.

One club declined to accept the gifts, so we left an extra cookie with the doorman and asked him to please give it to the manager for us. The manager came walking out after us when we were already clear across the parking lot, and decided to take the gifts after all!  He even gave us his phone number and is going to coordinate with us for some upcoming holiday surprises! It’s amazing what a cookie can do!

Photo Credit @ Jessika Fuhrmaneck

While there are many hands that make up each outreach, this particular night we want to give credit to those amazing volunteers who took time out of their week to bring us these delicious cookies individually wrapped for outreach. This night truly was all about the cookies!

I wonder if the women who baked the cookies knew the kind of impact their cookies would have when they were mixing the dough. Sometimes it can be the smallest act of kindness that moves the hearts of those around us, and has a much greater impact than we could ever have imagined.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about Treasures or find out how to join our volunteer team please email us at for more information.  We would love to have you be a part of our team!!

Article by Jessika Fuhrmaneck



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