“It’s a New Night”: An Outreach Recap

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10406676_729527820457025_5833603785699724671_n“It’s a New Night”: An Outreach Recap
By Jessika


As a former adult entertainer, these outreaches always have a profound affect on me. This month’s outreach was no exception.


I have been out of the industry for the past 8 years. This was my 10th outreach. At first returning to the clubs where I worked and spent my time was not easy. Sometimes I felt anxious for days before a scheduled outreach. I had traumatic nightmares after the first several outreaches I went on. I am so grateful for how well the Treasures care team helped me to navigate my feelings and responses.


I am finally at a place where I feel calm going on outreach. I am no longer suffering from any noticeable after effects. Which is great, because I love the ministry we do here at Treasures.


This month we took our team to City of Industry and gave 364 women gifts. The general vibe of the night was friendliness and receptivity from the club management. We received hugs from some of the women, smiles from the doormen, and support from our team members.


One of the most powerful things we do while on outreach is to pray while our team is in each club. When I first learned about this I was so touched by the idea that for years, on nights when I was working, people were right outside periodically praying for me.


The women working were welcoming and happy to see us. One of the clubs had been resistent to our gifts for 9 years, but on this night, they allowed us to leave them!


The most profound statement I heard one of the volunteers say this night was “It doesn’t matter what has happened before. It’s a new night.”


I want to remember this.


Just because we have failed before does not mean things won’t be different today.


Just try.


I hope we can all have the courage to try again when it comes to the things we feel we have failed at in life.


Today is a new day, and anything could happen.


Whatever kind of endeavor you are pursuing, or personal struggle you might be going through, just put one foot in front of the other and try again. If at all possible, live through these battles with good friends at your side.


I’m ever grateful for the Treasures team of volunteers and restored women who do life alongside me every week and every month.


As I always say, life is better when we do it together. We’re so thankful for your continued support here at Treasures.


Love, Jessika





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