It’s a Joy to Love You

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We had no idea what was in store for us on this warm August night. We fueled up with as much caffeine as we could consume and we headed out on one of our longest routes.  Hollywood here we come!!

As the night began, many of the team members in the bus were mentioning how “tonight feels different” or they “have a good feeling about tonight”. There’s something about Outreach night; there’s always a special feeling of hope and of excitement that surrounds the team.

Tonight, however, the theme of joy echoed ever so loudly and it remained with us throughout the evening.  It was a pure and unexplainable joy!  We have shared laughter on the bus in the past, but it has never before been like this.  This was a team coming together for the same goal and it was powerful— it was fun!  The team unity has been growing stronger with every passing month and together we set out to show the women we meet that they are deeply loved, truly valued, and placed on this earth with a divine purpose!

In continuing this theme of joy, I couldn’t help but notice the happy greetings we received from the women on this night.  One woman in particular had a face like sunshine!  She lit up as I gave her a gift and introduced myself.  If she wasn’t in the middle of work, I felt like we could’ve talked all night.  Another woman greeted us with open arms and was wishing we were able to stay longer and connect more.

We continued on our route and the cheer of our team grew even more.

As if on repeat, the word breakthrough kept popping into my head.  I was hoping and praying that there would be a breakthrough at some point during this night.  I’m not sure what I was expecting that to look like, maybe I wanted it to be a big and obvious event that made this night unlike any other.

Then one after another, we were granted entrance into clubs where we had previously had difficulty getting past the door! Only it didn’t stop there, they actually let us walk in the club and personally hand the gifts to the women!!! This happened four times in a row.  It was such a treat being able to meet the women face to face and show them how loved and cared for they are.  Walking into the clubs we’d never gotten into before was BREAKTHROUGH in my book!

Many members of the Treasures volunteer team have previously worked in the sex industry and know how difficult and stressful it can be.  Our heart behind outreach is very intentional and passionate.  We want the women in the industry to know they are loved beyond belief, they are more than their appearance, they are enough, and their story matters. We ended the evening very grateful for the opportunities we were given to personally send that message to the women.

My caffeine began to wear off just in time for the evening to come to a close, and as it did, joy filled my heart once again.  As I looked back on the events of the night, I was elated by the growing relationships and joy that filled our Treasures volunteers, the women we visited in the clubs, and the bouncers and managers who kindly welcomed us.  


If you are inspired by the breakthrough that happened on this Outreach and throughout this ministry and would like to know more about how you can help, please visit our website at  We would love to hear from you!

If you are a woman in the industry and you have received a gift from us or would like to learn more about how to receive a gift, support or encouragement please follow this link:  It would be an honor and a joy to love you!

Article By Hannah Wilson



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