Battle Between Church and Strip Club: Love Wins

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In the Battle Between Church & Strip Club: Love Wins!


After hearing breaking news about women from an Ohio strip club showing up to protest at a local church that had been picketing their club for years, our friends from JC’s Girls in San Diego decided to show up.  And I mean literally.  They got on a plane and went to the strip club in Ohio to love on the girls.

What happened next is truly incredible.  On Day 1, they had the opportunity to visit the strip club dressing room, tell share their stories, and tell them how much God loves them.  They were met with open ears and open hearts.

On Day 2, knowing that God can change things around through Love, they decided to reach out to the Pastor of the church that had been protesting.  There too, they were met with open hearts and ultimately invited to speak to the entire church on Sunday.  They invited the congregation to “CHANGE THE FACE OF CHRISTIANITY by standing with us and truly LOVING God’s Beautiful Girls just as Jesus would.”

The people of New Life Ministries Church rose to the call and committed to loving their community, beginning with the women who worked at the local strip club. They went to the women, loved them, hugged them and even sought forgiveness from them.  The Pastor himself promised one woman “he would not fail her”.

Even the Pastor and Strip Club Owner have reconciled and scheduled a lunch date!

My heart is touched and inspired by this story.  It is amazing to see what happens when we fulfill the mandate of Love that is placed on our lives.  I believe that this community will never be the same.







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  1. Gary Officer

    This is awesome. A friend of mine is part of JC’s Girls in San Diego. What a great ministry. Thanks for the update.

  2. Leigh

    Oh my gosh! You gals are incredible! I had heard about this situation and it broke my heart. Thank you for literally being the voice and hands of Jesus for not only strippers, but for “religious Christians” who need to be reminded of what loving Jesus is really all about!

  3. Ashley Walker

    What an amazing story!! Praise the Lord!!! Jesus is so good. He has loved those girls their whole lives. I’m so glad he’s found someone to show them His Love!!! -Ashley

  4. Roe Dodgen

    That is what we are called to do when Jesus said, go into all the world…Love your neighbor, bless those who curse you…

  5. allie

    YES!! Praise God! We have been praying for this church and this situation!!! Praise Him! I’m so thankful that y’all were obedient to the call and went with passionate hearts to love like Jesus loves!! You go girlfriends!!! Isn’t He amazing!!!

  6. Carrie

    This is wonderful….my heart is bursting with joy=) Again it goes to show that NOTHING is impossible for our Lord <3

    Thank you JC's girl's for stepping up to the plate, taking a stand and loving these precious women, and the others and doing what Jesus Himself would have done if He were here today =)

  7. Susan McKenzie

    May every such battle end with “LOVE WINS!” What an amazing story – you guys are living the 13th (1 Cor 13) and I’m grateful for your ministry. I have mentioned your story on my website called and I hope it sparks more ideas for changing our world with the power of Love.

  8. Danielle

    Praise God! I remember going to work one night (strip club) and seeing people outside with a sign to protest. Really, what does that do? Loving on the beautiful women of God, hearing their stories and meeting with them right where they are at is what makes a differance. Jesus met me right where I was at and saved me from despair. After calling out to Him – and falling hard, He took me out of the club! (- : Praise God for LOVE.

  9. Ron Jacobs

    Thanks for the great news!!! It’s so wonderful to know that, in the battle between love and condemnation, love wins hands down.

    God bless!!!!!


  10. Sheri Brown

    This is Sheri Brown from JC’s Girls. I have to tell you… I was looking for resources on this website and came across this story and after being bashed by so-called “Christians” I have decided to no longer read any comments. These comments just followed the story (instead of me clicking on them), and I am so blessed to have “accidently” read (lol!) such sweet comments that really reflect the heart of God! What a Blessing!!!! Glory & Honor to God!!

    1. Post
      Harmony Dust

      That is awesome to hear that you found some encouragement on here Sheri:) And thanks for all of the wonderful work you guys do!

  11. Vickie Williams

    I’m reading Scars & Stilettos. I never was in the Strip Clubs but I was in a abusive marriage and I can relate alot with Derrick & Harmony……… I was so deeply touched by Harmony’s journey.. Thank you Jesus that Harmony has a new life and so do I.

    Will Harmony ever be coming to Florida? I would love to meet her and listen to her story.

    God Bless the Ministry.


    1. Post
      Harmony Dust

      I don’t have any trips to FL in the near future….but hopefully one day:) SO glad you are enjoying the book. Take care. Harmony

  12. KiAirah

    I recently found out that during her work as an exotic dancer, my mother was almost sold into slavery. The only way she remained free was by fighting back tooth and nail to protect herself physically from her opressors. Her story is a long one, but I just want to say that reading this has brought tears to my eyes because even I do believe that this form of “entertainment” is an abuse, atleast if we create a community in which these women can be honest and recieve support they are more likely to be safe, protected, and have the ability to make a different choice in their lives. I wish some one like that had been their for my mom.

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