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This summer, my daughter and I visited my fiancé’s family in New Hampshire. (Yes! I am engaged! And we are over the moon with excitement!)

During our visit, we planted pumpkin seeds and little baby pumpkin plants in hopes of seeing a pumpkin patch sprout up in the fall.

I have always had a “gray” thumb, so I honestly doubted that any one of those tiny little seeds would actually sprout (see meme), and I figured we were planting them in more of a symbolic way, to show my daughter where plants come from.

The rain came hard and steady one night, with force I imagined would bruise plants as small as the ones we planted. The next morning, we checked on the tiny plants to find them standing strong and tall, new flowers budding from their little leaves.

Then, I noticed something even more shocking than the plants that withstood the storm. The seeds had sprung up and sprouted tiny green leaves. They had pushed their way up to the light of day!

I found myself boggled by the miracle of a seed.

That all of the life and potential of a pumpkin…

a grand pumpkin…

was in that seed.

Recently, we received a letter from Heidi* who knows the power of a seed.

The night we met her in the strip club, a seed was planted—a tiny seed, in the form of a gift and a message that she is valuable and worthy of love. The life and potential of that seed sprung up, and today, Heidi is walking in her value.

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Each time you give to Treasures, you are planting a seed in the lives of the women we reach and serve. 

And as we continue in our endeavor to train outreach leaders in every city on the planet where the commercial sex industry is operating, you are helping to plant seeds that will multiply all over this earth!

After 11 years of reaching and serving women in the sex industry and victims of trafficking, I can tell you that the “soil” of these women’s hearts is rich. The ground is ready and waiting for us to do our part and plant seeds that will grow and bear fruit.

Will you give a special gift today and plant a seed that will bring life and hope to women like the one who wrote this letter?



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Your special gift today will plant a seed the lives of women like Heidi. With thousands more, just like her, waiting to be reached, your support is needed immediately.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

Ps. You may make your tax-deductible donation online or by sending a check to:


PO Box 5311

Sherman Oaks, CA 91413


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  1. Barbara

    thank you so much !
    I love to hear such beautiful testimonies of redemption
    I pray my beautiful daughter, will be free one day from the lifestyle
    that hurts the lives of such beautiful women !
    Thank you Harmony !!
    Love you

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