Have You Ever Felt Trapped?

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Have you ever felt trapped? Have you ever felt like no matter what you did, no matter how many hours you worked or how well you planned, you just could not make ends meet? Then, on top of all that, life happens. Before you know it, life decides to hit you from every angle and you’re just trapped. I’ve been there, and it became apparent to me that many of the women we visited this weekend have been feeling like that lately, too.

Our February visit to the strip clubs was different than previous visits. For me, there was just something about the night; it gave off an essence of transparency and vulnerability. Since we had gone on this same route just two months prior, I felt like we were not just visiting women we cared about, but we were visiting our dear friends. The greetings we received throughout the night were that of genuine excitement and joy.

In one particular club, we were welcomed in with open arms and smiling faces. Almost immediately, one woman sat down with our team and opened up about the realities of her life. Life was throwing a lot of challenges at her and she was so authentic and raw in sharing it with us. This woman blessed us with her transparency and trust of what she was going through. I wanted to affirm her and all the women that WE SEE YOU! We see that life is hard. We see that money can be tight. We see that family members can be the ones that hurt us the most. We see you and we care about you.

Sometimes we hide our pain behind masks and don’t give people the chance to truly see us. On this night, some of those masks were unveiled and it was beautiful. Authenticity was a theme throughout our team as well. There were moments of passion, moments of sadness, and moments of laughter. Ten beautiful women of all backgrounds and experiences, joined together in hopes of accomplishing one goal: showing the women working in the clubs that they are loved, valued, and purposed.

Most of us know what it’s like to feel trapped. And we also know that freedom is possible. If you would like to learn more about how you can be a part of this team— whether that be through prayer, donations, or time—please visit us at www.iamatreasure.com/get-involved. We would love to get in touch with you!

If you are a woman in the industry and you would like some support or just someone to talk to, please reach out to us via www.iamatreasure.com/industry-ex-industry-girls-only. We would love to hear your story, learn about your passions, and get to know YOU!

Article by Hannah Wilson



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