Extravagant Love

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With Holiday Cheer in the air and pep in our step, we were excited to hand gifts to the women on the eve of the 13 year anniversary of Treasures Outreach. We piled into our shuttle a bit more snug than usual as we had over 70 beautifully wrapped and exquisitely bowed gift baskets along in tow. An extremely generous woman donated 70 gift baskets for the women we were going to encounter that evening.


As we visited each club we were allowed entrance to hand deliver these extravagant gifts of love. The women were so overjoyed to receive the gifts that many cried and told us that this would be the only gift they would receive for Christmas. Christmas is a time where we get together with our loved ones, but for many of the women we met, their loved ones have hurt them, neglected them, and abused them. Christmas for them can be a lonely time or a time where they are reminded of why they left home.


When we stepped into the clubs with such extravagant gifts of love, my prayer was that it reshaped their view of Christmas. That this Christmas, a line would be drawn which created a new sentiment; that no matter what had happened in their past, they knew that they were loved beyond measure, that they were worthy of extravagant love, worthy of extravagant blessings, worthy of extravagant favor, and worthy of extravagant forgiveness.


No amount of guilt or shame stands a chance against extravagant love. It’s disarming. We were allowed entrance into a special place in their hearts. It was such an honor to share a conversation with each woman and to see their faces light up – some even hugged us!


At one point we experienced a gift bag thrown back at us from a manager at a club, but we did not let it shake us. We are anchored in love and we are not mad at him. I have faith and know that there is a work being done whether the gifts get in or not. True love casts out all fear. Our love for the women is true so we are not fearful; instead, we have hope that one day every woman in each of these clubs will experience extravagant love.

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