Ecuador Update: What’s the Point of Life?!

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Some of you may remember hearing about the shocking tragedy of a family member of mine being killed by her husband just over a year ago. She was my daughter’s aunt and a sister to me. The incredible grief of losing her was compounded by the idea that a man that I loved and trusted was capable of such a horrific act.


There are no words to describe the depth of pain I felt. All I could do for several days straight was lie in bed and wail. I was overwhelmed with a belief that life is absolutely futile. 


Why are we even here? What is the point of life?! I cried out to God. How can I go on living and smiling and laughing with tragedy and injustice all around me?!


My Kingdom come, My will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. I heard Him say.


I understood this to mean that we are here to bring the culture of heaven to Earth; a culture of Love, Justice, Mercy, Joy, and Freedom.


I have come to believe that this is the only thing really worth living for.


I shared this with my friend Jennifer Toledo during our outreach and training in Ecuador last week. She is the founder of The Justice Group and a catalyst for the incredible work being done in Ecuador and beyond.


She shared a powerful truth with me:


“There is a heavenly strategy for every injustice on the Earth.”


I believe this! And as we bring the strategies and principles that have been downloaded to Treasures and share them with people around the World, I am more and more convinced of it!


I believe that the strategy and vision that we have been given transcend cultural barriers and language barriers because they are heavenly strategies. This is why the same principles that work in Strip Clubs in Los Angeles work in Brothels in Brazil, and on the streets of Ecuador. This is why the same concepts that work at Porn Conventions in the United States work in a safe House in Columbia or a Sex Club in South Africa. I am absolutely humbled that He has entrusted us with the job of sharing what we have learned with laborers in this field.


God is a God of love and mercy.   He is also a God of justice.  


Yes, this Earth is filled with tragedy and pain and injustice. But I believe that God is looking for humble people, filled with compassion, that are ready to bring solution.  People that are willing to bring the culture of heaven to Earth. People who are willing to love in the midst of potentially heart-hardening circumstances. People who will show mercy to those suffering. People who will take a stand against injustice. People who will use their voices, talents and spheres of influence to fight for the freedom of others. People who will bring laughter and light into places of darkness and despair.


This is why we are here.


My prayer is that the Treasures Team and I would be counted among these people… and that you would too!



This was the first EVER training on the issue of sex trafficking and outreach and care to victims of sexual exploitation in the history of the Nation!! What an honor to be a part of it!





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  1. Victor Carrera

    Dear Harmony,

    It was an honor to hear your testimony at Camino Real Church last sunday. The work you do is inspiring and unique. There is no better way to reach out someone than with an honest and open heart. Thanks for all the truth that you share at the Zona Viva event!! I will pray for your Ministry, and for ways to cooperate with you and your vision in the future.

    May the Lord, bless you and your family in your journey of faith. *

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