Dreams Redeemed

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Life has been pretty exciting around here the last couple months!


We hosted our National Outreach Training a few weeks ago. We trained women from all across the country who will be starting up outreaches and support groups for women in the sex industry. It was an incredible weekend and we cannot wait to start seeing women in new cities reached with the message that they are loved, valued, & purposed!

Just before the training, I married the love of my life in a gorgeous backyard wedding, complete with Ping-Pong, Cornhole, and card games. ? This man, and our marriage, is an answer to my prayer that God would restore family to my daughter and I.

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After experiencing a painful divorce and the devastation of being a wife abandoned, my dream of having a family felt shattered. BUT GOD is faithful! He is a redeemer of dreams!

The trials and obstacles of that time of my life are what have made this season so incredibly precious and sweet. There is true joy and victory in seeing these cultivated dreams become reality.

Many of the women that we reach at Treasures have the same kind of dreams that have been redeemed in my life in the last few weeks. But these dreams did not come to fruition overnight, and neither will the dreams of the women we’re reaching. They start with one giant step and one God-sized gust of strength.

A couple weeks ago, we had the joy of receiving a letter from a woman who is ready to take that step.


Ultimately, our goal is to see women’s dreams restored, to walk alongside them as they are transformed by God and catapulted into the purpose for which they were created. In turn, we are blessed with the unique opportunity to celebrate and rejoice in their victories as their most precious dreams are redeemed and brought to life.

As a financial partner, you enable us to walk alongside the women who reach out to us. You are the fuel in our outreach shuttles, the ink in our pens, the postage on our care packages. We cannot support these women without you!

Will you give a special donation today to see dreams redeemed in the lives of the women we serve? Not one cent of your gift goes out without touching someone’s life.

We need your help as we continue to expand our efforts to see women reached around the globe!

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Ps. Your gift to Treasures truly makes a difference in lives of the women we reach… no matter how broken their dreams may seem!

You may make your tax-deductible donation online or by sending a check to:


PO Box 5311

Sherman Oaks, CA 91413


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  1. Barbara

    May God Bring you Strength , provide you with total peace and Freedom .
    I will be praying for you , all your fears will diminish as you see the Hope you have in Christ .

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