My Tribute to Prince

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I have been in denial about Prince since I first heard earlier this afternoon. So much to process. His music was a part of two major defining moments in my life; the night I began working in the strip club and the night I left. Purple Rain was the song I auditioned to, and it was the song became the …

She’ll Never Walk Away: A Commentary on The Weekend’s Song, “In the Night”

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    “You’ll be back. Nobody ever leaves.”   This is what they told me the night I quit working at the strip club.   My experience told me they were right. The only woman I ever saw leave the club married a rich costumer that had become a regular of hers. Not exactly a fairytale ending. More like a …

Scars and Stilettos: The first pages

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For those of you who haven’t read it, I am sharing the first few pages of my memoir, Scars and Stilettos. It took me 7 years, several writing classes and at least 3 complete re-writes to write this book!  Hearing the stories of women (and youth) who have been inspired to escape unhealthy relationships or walk away from the sex industry/the life …

Desecration Dance

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Defense mechanisms: We all have them. They make it possible for us to survive in our own skin when it hurts, when it is burned and scorched and stretched tightly around us in such a way that we feel immobilized. Somewhere, deep inside, we find a way to carry on with our daily lives when nothing around us makes sense. …

Lamar Odom Wanted to Get “Far Away”

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  UPDATE: 10/20/15 According to CNN, in a statement released Tuesday, Odom’s aunt JaNean Mercer and the Odom family thanked doctors and nurses who cared for him at a Las Vegas hospital, asking supporters to keep praying for him. “As Lamar begins a new chapter in his road to recovery, PLEASE continue to uplift him and the family in prayer. He …

There is a Place for Me Here

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“Harmony, there’s your sign!” My new friends David and Lisa called out, pointing to a Jerusalem sign with my name written across the top in Hebrew, Arabic and English.   The city-wide siren had already sounded, marking the beginning of Shabbat and we were rushing to the Western Wall. The streets were mostly empty as people had already made their way …

Beauty and Brainwashing

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In elementary school, my childhood best friend and I would flip through the pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine and call “dibs” on the body parts we wanted. We played a game where the first person to call out a particular feature “won” the right to that feature.

I am getting married in TWO weeks!!!!

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I am getting married in TWO weeks to the love of my life! We are so in love it is almost nauseating. Almost. Still, I remember what it took to get here.   I remember the pain… Of being a wife abandoned. Of the daggers of rejection and fear for my future. My dream of having a family was shattered.   I would …

Getting Published: How to Write a Book Proposal

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Getting Published: How To Write a Book Proposal One of the first steps in getting published is to create a strong proposal. A good proposal will convince the recipient of the need for your book’s existence.  It is important that you prove that this book needs to be written, that it’s marketable, and that YOU are the best person to write it. …

Confessions of an “Unsolicited Advice-Giver”

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Confessions of an “Unsolicited Advice-Giver” I am a recovering “unsolicited advice-giver”. If you had a problem, I was going to tell you exactly how to fix it… passionately and emphatically.   And, lucky you, I usually had a book recommendation to go along with my input. If you were a good friend, you would probably receive said book as a gift …