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Harmony Dust

The real-life story from Treasures Founder Harmony Dust:
“I met him when I was 11. Somewhere along the way, he became the center of my world. My life belonged to him. I had given it to him…”

Facing the Giants

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In the well-known story of David and Goliath, David faced and defeated his giant with a sling and a stone. Historically, in the days of Exodus, the Israelites had been afraid to enter the promised land because of the many ‘giants’ who inhabited that territory. It was the fear of the giants, not the giants themselves, that kept the people …

Strip Clubs & Baptisms

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STRIP CLUBS & BAPTISMS… 7 years ago, during Treasures’ first ever Vegas outreach, we met Abby*.  A bright young woman, full of life and personality in spite of having faced some very painful circumstances in her life, she had just entered the sex industry. “This is perfect,” I thought.  “Perhaps after meeting the Treasures team, she will decide to leave the industry …

Forced into Sex Work…

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Women will walk in freedom because you care. Angela (not her real name) never thought she’d end up in the sex industry. But at age fourteen, she was homeless. She was kicked out of her last foster home, left with nothing but pajamas and slippers. Preying on her vulnerability, a man in a fancy car told her that “a girl …

Industry & X-Industry Girls

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Precious Woman, Many of us have been in the business and understand its realities.  We are here to listen to your story and encourage you on your journey.  Whether you are still in the industry, or are no longer working but could use some support, we are here for you! Please share any prayer requests or needs you may have …

About Us

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Treasures is a unique, faith-based outreach and support group for women in the sex industry.



Numbing the Pain

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The other day, my 1-year-old took her first tumble in the bathtub. After hitting her chin on the side of the tub, she slipped face-first into the water. I quickly swept her to her feet and began to examine her for injuries. She looked me directly in the eyes and cried at the top of her lungs. She wanted to …

Surrendering the Canvas: Understanding Sex Addiction

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40 million adults in the U.S. regularly visit pornographic websites and 1/3 of these visitors are women. The question is “Why, and what does it have to do with us?” What I am learning about sex addiction in its various forms is that it is about avoiding relational pain. Real relationships and intimacy force us to engage with people on …