Are you judging me for working here?

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Our time in the South Bay last weekend was wonderful!  Many of the Treasures team were old faces who had returned after some time.  It was a reunion of relationships, which strengthened the already unified vision of our team to love the women working in the South Bay clubs through gifts.  Every club received us, and 132 gifts later, 132 women reached, it was a seamless night…

Except one thing.

As we left gifts with one manager, he turned to me and said, “These are the gifts that are supposed to get the girls to leave the clubs, right?”

Immediately I said no.  These gifts are simply a show of love and a contact for support because they are in a difficult industry.

“Yes, but really you want them out of the job, right?” he questioned again while continuing to take our gifts from us.

His question is one that we will probably never escape.  We hear it from the women themselves in the form of, “Are you judging me for working here?”  We hear it from people who hear about Treasures who can’t believe the clubs allow–and even want–us in their clubs during business hours.

Let me answer the question, in all its forms, with our honest answer.

Women who work in the industry, we are for you not against you.  We serve you with gifts because we love you.  We want to support you no matter where you work.  We do not pressure you to leave your job, nor do we judge you for working it.  We honor and respect you.

You are our sisters and our teammates in life.

We desire the best for you. We desire for you to have a life rich in joy, hope, peace, healing, and freedom.  We have no illusion of thinking that we know what that is for you or how and when you should receive it.

So no matter your circumstances, know that we love you and are for you and welcome you.  We want to know you and walk in life with you.  Jesus did that for us, and we maintain that with each other, and we desire that with you.  There is no agenda for us but that you know you are loved, valued, and purposed to the fullest degree.

This is why the clubs let us in.  This is why the manager who questioned us took our gifts anyway.  They know that we really mean that.

We are all in need of love, especially those whose daily work walks the line with tough circumstances.  A manager that evening told us that many of his employees had just “had some really hard stuff happen.”  Life is better when we live it on the same team.

We are for you.  We love you, and we can’t wait to know you!

Love, Lindsay Hall & The Treasures Team



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