A Late Night in the City of Industry

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This month’s outreach to the City of Industry proved to be a success and an encouragement for everyone involved. We were able to reach 280 women working in 9 strip clubs, with gifts and the message that they are loved, valued and purposed!

The night was significant in more ways that one. Treasures was privileged to have several new team members join us, including a survivor-leader who, after having received years of support from Treasures, has come to a place where she desires to give back. She even had the chance to return to a club where she used to work and reach the women! Such a powerful thing!

City of Industry is a long drive from our main location, so the team arrived a bit later than normal and by that time the clubs were crowded and bustling. There was a feeling of sensory overload.   At certain points our team had to wait in line for some time, before entering a club, and then once inside we had to squeeze through the crowds to be able to reach the women working.

One team member gave a gift to a young woman who was leaning against the DJ booth. She noticed that the woman had a somber look on her face. When she handed her the gift, not many words were exchanged but her body language immediately changed. It seemed as though in accepting this small gift she was accepting all that the gift represents. It is amazing to see what such a small act of kindness can do.

For many of the women we serve, outreach is our first point of contact. Even when the nights are busy and bustling, and conversations are few, we know that each tiny gift is a seed planted. We see the evidence of this in the calls and messages we receive from women telling us what an impact those little gifts and simple messages have made.

Thank you outreach team for all your hard work this month!! This was truly an impactful evening!!


Article by Jessika Fuhrmaneck


P.S. If you have received a gift from Treasures, or could use our support, please visit the ‘Industry Girls Only’ page of the website, and someone will contact you promptly. www.iamatreasure.com/industry-ex-industry-girls-only







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