365 Days

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As I reminisce about the past 365 days I feel an urgency to write you and share with you what is on my heart.

I am someone who is deeply committed to growth, both personally and as the Executive Director of Treasures. The truth is: we live in a microwave culture. We like to see instant results… NOW. But the reality is that growth takes time and consistency. When a seed is planted deep in the earth, it takes time for it to sprout up and bear fruit. Seed. Time. Harvest. This is the natural progression of growth.

The same has been true of Treasures over the past 14 years. On Day 1 of Treasures, when the idea to reach women working in the commercial sex industry was birthed in my heart, I began with the small gesture of writing handwritten notes on the backs of postcards and leaving them on the cars of women working in the strip club where I used to work. Those postcards ended up being tiny seeds which grew over time and eventually flourished into where we are today. Now, 5,144 days later, we have grown locally and globally.


  • Given over 67,000 gifts to women in strip clubs
  • Provided individualized care to 1,208 women
  • Provided 540 hours of group therapy


  • Become recognized as a forerunner in a movement to train and equip others to reach women in the sex industry and victims of trafficking and exploitation

Seed by seed, day by day, we have accomplished this. It’s humbling to see all that has been done through the work of Treasures as we have remained faithful to reaching and caring for women.

The hard truth is that our work is far from over. More women than ever before are reaching out for help and support. Now is your time to be part of growing the impact of Treasures. There are women counting on you to sow seeds into their lives.

You play a significant role in reaching and restoring women in the sex industry and victims of trafficking when you give to Treasures. Please sign up now to be a monthly partner or make a donation today. If you have already donated, please consider making an additional contribution before the end of the year.

Our gratefulness for your support leaves me speechless. Thank You!

P.S. Your fully tax-deductible gift will help Treasures bring transformation and hope to the lives of women we reach locally and globally.



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