When a Man Breaks the Mold

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The other night, one of our “biggest donors” met a few of the women that Treasures serves at our open house. He is not a wealthy man. He is a generous man. In fact, he literally gives up the money that he would spend on lunch each day to sponsor girls to attend our support group.

I watched the women’s faces as they heard about his sacrificial giving. Their eyes watered up and they leapt over to give him a hug.

For those of us who have been exploited… for those of us who have experienced men who take and take at the expense of others, I cannot tell you how powerful it is to see a man give like this.  In a world where it is more common for a man to be a consumer of the commercial sex industry than it is for a man to not participate in the demand, this man broke the mold.  

I am transformed by this kind of generosity. And from the looks of on their faces, I am guessing the women were too.

We are not the only ones who are changed. I watched him too. I watched him as they revealed to him that they are recipients of his support. He wouldn’t have known that unless they told him. For all he knew, they were just a couple of women who support Treasures.

I listened as they told him how their lives had changed in support group… the support group he is sponsoring. And I watched his face too. His eyes welled with tears too.

Giving is a transforming thing. It changes the lives of the recipient. But I also believe it has the power to change the life of the giver. Our hearts are expanded when we give. Our lives are enlarged. Our world is enriched as we give to others.

My life has been changed by the generosity of others. People who have been generous with their time, their words of encouragement, their resources. And as I have practiced generosity in my own life, first slightly tight fisted, afraid of lack, and eventually, day by day, more and more open handed, generosity has changed me again.

To be honest, the post started off as a Challenge Update. I took a photo of our white board to show you that we are $500 shy of reaching our goal of raising an $4500 in monthly partnerships so it will be matched each month for a year. But then I thought about this story. About how giving changes us.

So yes, please give to Treasures if you are inclined.

But even if you aren’t. If this isn’t the place you feel inspired to give, I encourage you to give somewhere else, to someone else. You won’t regret it.

If you are already practicing generosity in your life, thank you!









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