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LA Weekly, Sex Trafficking, Mars Hill Church & More!

Hey Treasures Peeps,

We are moving and shaking with Treasures-Trained ministries popping up all over the US through the Strip Church Network.  We want to keep you all in the loop on all that’s happening!






TREASURES IN THE NEWS  This month Treasures was featured in for LA Weekly as a part of a story they did on Crissy.  Read the Article

Another precious Treasure shared her story for Your Tango. Brave, brave treasure indeed!

TRAFFICKING  January was human trafficking awareness month and I had the opportunity to speak about sex trafficking at a few events. One of them was put on by Sandie Morgan at Vanguard University.  I am especially honored to have been a part of this because Sandie is a LEGEND in the field.  She is a professor at Vanguard, founder of Live2Free, and she is responsible for getting the OC trafficking task force off the ground which lead to a Nationwide initiative to get law enforcement trained in the victim centered approach in dealing with women and children in prostitution. I am SO honored that she entrusted me with this opportunity be a voice!


The Strip Church Network is strong and growing.  I love spending time mentoring all of these incredible leaders and seeing what God is doing through them!


Check out this map with the locations of all of our Strip Church ministries.  and visit their sites.



Crissy was invited to Mars Hill Church by Mark Driscoll to share her story and talk about the impact Treasures has had on her life. The event was live streamed and created such a buzz that it crashed the Treasures site!

In about a month, it will be aired on his podcast as a part of a marriage series that is being broadcast to hundreds of churches.  It will be available on his website if you want to check it out.


At the end of his message, he prayed what I have been praying for 8 years–That people who have fueled the sex industry as consumers would use their finances to support organizations helping women recover after sex work. AMEN!



Remember to check out all of the new episodes of X3’s company where Craig Gross of XXXChurch and I answer viewers questions about sex. Watch Here



3 Responses to “LA Weekly, Sex Trafficking, Mars Hill Church & More!”
  1. Matthew says:

    Harmony, I am proud to say that I have begun to use the money I used to pay for porn to support Treasures. It was Crissy Moran’s moving interviews that opened my eyes and led me to this site. I had bought the illusion of porn-that the girls were liberated and willing participants in the movies. Intellectually, I should have realized this is not normal behavior to expose oneself on camera in such acts. I gave in to the forces of darkness. Her story made me break down and cry. Two weeks later I still weep at the thought that I was a participant in the abuse and degradation of the people in the videos through paying money for it. Hearing Crissy’s words turned her from a fantasy for me into a real person with thoughts, feelings, dreams, aspirations and a bright soul that outshines her earthly beauty. I used to wish I could be with a woman as beautiful as Crissy. I now wish that I could be as strong as her.

    I am so ashamed that I supported the abuse of women. I was raised o be a gentleman, respect women and that to hurt a woman was an unforgivable sin. I feel horrible, ashamed and harbor so much guilt for straying so far from my values. I have now been an ex sex industry consumer for 14 days. It feels so good to be away from it. I have no desire to ever contribute to the abuse (porn) industry again. I will contribute as much money as I can and will help with my time. I owe a debt to the poor souls in the sex industry that cannot be repaid with money alone. i have to earn forgiveness from these poor souls and work to help the shattered lives of those in the sex industry.

  2. emily says:

    So brave! I heard Pastor Marks sermon for the second time today, and was so greatful for crissy’s testimony. I have not struggled in the same arfea, but could identify with the sense of feeling numb to ones emotions and detaching from them. Praise the Lord for restoration and healing!! God Bless you!!

  3. Devyn says:

    This doesn’t need to be published. I could not find a way to email. I am a pastors wife and Love the “real marriage” series. As I was listening to you talk I noticed when you inhaled you sounding “wheezy”. I’m not sure if that’s because your sick with a cold or have asthma. I have a friend that sounded just like you when she inhaled. Turns out she had a heart condition that was causing her to not get enough air to her lungs. She had surgery and is fine! I just felt led in my spirit to share my concern. Thank you for sharing your testimony. You are a strong, beautiful and Christ like women.

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